Saturn in Houses


                                   Saturn in the Astrological Houses

Saturn in the 1st House

Chronic feelings of inadequacy often inhibit the natural flow of your personality. However, this inner discontent can create a strong desire for achievement. Often this placement indicates that your early childhood was tough and you learned the art of steady perseverance.

Saturn in the 2nd House

Feelings of inadequacy about what you have materially can be the spur that encourages you to work hard for what you want. This a lifetime to pay attention to handling your own finances. Get rich quick schemes can turn out to be bummers.

Saturn in the 3rd House

Feelings of inadequacy about your mental abilities or perhaps your ability to communicate your ideas to other people can actually encourage you to develop these traits positively and you can end up with more to contribute in the end than most.

Saturn in the 4th House

Feelings of inadequacy may have developed during your upbringing due to the influence of one or both parents. You were probably well cared for but there was something about the nurturing you received that seemed lacking in real warmth.

Saturn in the 5th House

You may feel as if life has shortchanged you in the department of pleasurable, fun, creative activities. You will have to make the time for these interests and you must put in a little overtime in order to develop the creative, fun side of life.

Saturn in the 6th House

This a lifetime to delve into the area of work and all work related issues. You may have to watch a tendency to become a workaholic from never feeling as though enough is enough. Any work where attention to details is important will be enhanced by this placement.

Saturn in the 7th House

This is a lifetime to perfect the art of one-on-one relationships. As a marriage partner you will last through even the worst of times and your close friendships can endure for a lifetime.

Saturn in the 8th House

This is a lifetime to perfect the art of deep intimate bonding with another person and you may reevaluate the role of sexual expression in your life. Life experiences will encourage you to reexamine issues involving other people's resources.

Saturn in the 9th House

You're very earnest about your personal belief systems. At some point though, you will likely make a serious reevaluation of some of these beliefs. You want to see God as a merciful being but you may have some deep down fears around this issue based on outworn and rigid orthodox viewpoints.

Saturn in the 10th House

This is a lifetime for you to learn to persevere through obstacles in order to attain career goals. You'll probably be required to contend with the heavy hand of authority figures until you learn to confront them and find out that you can survive after all.

Saturn in the 11th House

You are loyal to your friends and you take your relationships seriously. You more than likely have a few close friends rather than many.
You can be very dedicated when working toward a cause that interests you, especially one which requires the cooperation of a like-minded group of people.

Saturn in the 12th House

This is a lifetime that will be greatly enriched by helping your fellow man altruistically. Develop conviction and learn to ignore inner voices of doubt and pessimism. Take a chance on blind optimism.

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